We combine our expertise in Customer Experience Management with contemporary trends, research and analysis techniques to help businesses welcome a profitable and sustainable future.


We rely on our proven UK and Europe project experience in providing astute advisory to businesses who would like to enter new markets or expand their market share and business profits.


Our clients benefit from over 100 human resource training and development programmes we've designed reflecting our industrial knowledge and field experience.


Embrace our project based Micent® Events Management System to manage your projects in a professional, consistent and risk-free environment while maximising the impact.


Micent® is a dynamic and forward looking consultancy firm founded in the United Kingdom. Our expertise spread across a range of subjects which have direct impact on growth, profitability and customer retension. Since 2010, we've been providing our clients with professional and astute advisory on marketing, events, project and business management enhanced with ground breaking human resource training and development programmes.


Micent® has built strategic partnerships with major international organisations to follow the global trends in the business world, economy, marketing and knowledge transfer. These partnerships allow us to improve the quality and accessibility of our consultancy offerings and trainings as well keeping our techniques and knowledge up to date. Please follow the link below for the details of our partnerships.


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We invite you to share your positive or negative customer experiences with other consumers around the world.

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Directly contribute to the product or service improvement of businesses while gaining new career skills and earn extra income.

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Help successful employees receive recognition for their examplary service and reach their career goals.