Micent® is a dynamic and forward looking consultancy firm founded in the United Kingdom. We provide professional and astute advice, contemporary marketing and management support as well as strategic solutions for the optimisation of our clients' business management cycles. Our consultants have the international expertise, insight and professional capabilities which enables us to understand the requirements of our clients.


Our primary focus and expertise is in Marketing Intelligence and Customer Experience Management which play a critical role on business growth, profitability and customer retention in today’s competitive business environment. Our consultants, before or after joining Micent®, have played critical roles in executing international marketing and customer service management projects and managed development of customer-centric corporate strategies across Europe and Central Asia.

Our management team consists of highly qualified industry experts who are also registered members of the most reputable institutions of the world. To access detailed information regarding our strategic partnerships, please read on.

What makes us unique?

Micent® collaborates with its clients and helps them improve their business performance through provision of external and dynamic views that often challenge the static corporate perspectives. Our customers are able to access unbiased face to face and online research materials to maximise return on investment for corporate marketing activities as well as gaining detailed customer insights and systems management expertise. Our training and development programmes, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to unlock your workforce’s potential as well as increasing the corporate competitive stance.

We rely on our out-of-the-box thinking and extensive knowledge of different markets and cultures across Europe and Central Asia. We believe this is an invaluable resource for businesses that consider entering new markets or wish to increase revenues and marketing effectiveness in existing markets. Our focus remains on creating sustainable value for customers that could result in improved customer retention, maximised revenues as well as improved brand recognition. Capitalising on its unparalleled ability to build and maintain “Service Excellence Programmes” and unique methodologies for measuring corporate service performance, Micent® is the only and most valuable partner that businesses would need on the way to reach their corporate targets.